Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement: What It Is and When to Consider This Trenchless Method

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pipe bursting sewer line replacement

Technological developments have entirely changed how pipe bursting sewer line replacement and maintenance are done, providing more effective and affordable options. This blog will cover all you need to know about pipe bursting, including what it is, how it works, and how it compares to other techniques like sewer pipe lining.

Understanding Pipe Bursting

What is Pipe Bursting?

Underground pipelines can be replaced without digging a large hole using a trenchless pipe bursting technique. This technique entails removing the old pipe and concurrently installing a new one through the same opening. A bursting head helps expedite this process by breaking up the old pipe and forcing the pieces into the surrounding soil, making room for the new pipe.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?


Before the procedure starts, the sewage line is thoroughly inspected to determine its condition and locate any clogs or abnormalities.

Access Points 

Access trenches are excavated at each end of the sewage line segment, which needs to be rebuilt.

Bursting Head Insertion

One access pit’s outdated pipe inserts a bursting head fastened to a steel cable.

Pipe Replacement

The bursting head pulls the new pipe behind it as it passes through the pipe, breaking the old one and pushing the pieces into the surrounding ground.


The pipe bursting sewer line replacement procedure is finished when the new pipe is linked to the current sewage system after the bursting head has reached the other access pit.

Pipe Bursting vs. Sewer Pipe Lining


Sewer Pipe Lining vs Replacement: Which is Better?

Although trenchless procedures such as sewage pipe lining and pipe bursting are employed for sewer line replacement and maintenance, their approaches and applicability scenarios vary.

Pipe Bursting

  • Perfect for badly broken or collapsed pipes.
  • The access trenches at both ends of the section need to be renovated.
  • It should fit a variety of pipe materials, including PVC, clay, and concrete.
  • Provides complete pipe replacement, guaranteeing dependability and durability over the long run.

Sewer Pipe Lining

  • It is ideal for mild to moderately damaged pipes with leaks or cracks.
  • It involves filling the old pipe with a flexible liner covered with resin and curing it there.
  • It is less disruptive because it doesn’t call for access holes or excavation.
  • Prolongs the lifespan of existing pipes by providing structural strengthening and sealing.

When to Consider Replacing Bursting Sewer Pipes


Signs You May Need Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement

Frequent Sewer Line Backups: Unrelenting backups, even after eliminating the obstruction, suggest concealed damage, necessitating a complete replacement of the burst pipe to guarantee continuous flow and avoid further problems.

  • Visible Signs of Pipe Damage

Pipe bursting is urgently required when cracks, corrosion, or collapses occur. Compromised parts must be replaced quickly to preserve structural integrity and avoid expensive leaks or breaks.

  • Persistent Foul Odors

Strong smells indicate leaks or fractures, so it’s important to burst pipes promptly to stop leaks, eliminate smells, and protect against health risks or pollution.

  • Ageing Infrastructure

Ageing infrastructure requires preventive actions, such as pipe bursting and proactive replacement of failing pipes, to prevent emergencies, improve dependability, and extend the life of the sewage system.

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Benefits of Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement

Trenchless Solution

By avoiding large-scale excavation, pipe bursting preserves structures, roadways, and landscaping while quickly repairing broken pipes to minimize annoyance and restoration costs.


Pipe bursting is an affordable alternative for replacing a sewage line since it doesn’t need excavation, which reduces labor and restoration costs and ultimately saves property owners money. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Pipe bursting offers a seamless, long-lasting replacement pipe impervious to corrosion and root infiltration. It ensures years of dependable sewage system operation with no upkeep.

Quick Installation

When pipe bursting is used instead of traditional techniques, it may be installed more quickly, saving property owners time and trouble. It also quickly restores the operation of the sewer system, adding convenience & peace of mind. 

Effective Pipe Bursting Sewer Line Replacement for Damaged or
Decaying Sewage Lines

You repair damaged or decaying sewage lines effectively and adaptably using pipe-bursting sewer replacement. Many property owners with sewage line problems now choose it since it minimizes interruption and costs while maximizing lifetime and durability. For your sewage line replacement job, you must speak with a licensed plumbing specialist to evaluate your unique requirements and choose the best course of action.

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